Scale of the lilac colours.

A movie about plantning trees.

A new standard of quality trees.

We follow the Danish Quality Standard for nursery plants.

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If you consider a windbreak.
Jordfygning forår 2003

Windbreaks are made for giving shelter. It also gives a value to the landscape. And benefits the wildlife.
Folder about windbreaks.

Considering plantning an avenue.
Klassisk Lindeallé

The avenue shows were to go, and gives the property caracter.
This is our folder about avenues

Planting and nursering a tree.

Her er der snart en hæk!

It is easy to plant. You need energy, the right tools and a bit of practical experience.
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What does gardeners mean?

Oversigt over størrelser

Trees are measured with the girth of the stem and not as many might think on the height. The girth is measured in centimeters 1 meter above ground.
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This is a simple instruction how to shape smaller trees. Pruning bigger trees need skilled workers. We can recommend qualified people.
Simple instruction.